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Cell Phone Holder
Cell Phone Holder
Cell Phone Holder
Cell Phone Holder
Cell Phone Holder
Cell Phone Holder
Cell Phone Holder
Cell Phone Holder
Cell Phone Holder
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Phone Holder for desk, Long Arm Mount Stands, base clamp Max 2.75in, Overall Length 37.4 in/95cm
Specially designed to free your hands when watching videos, playing game, video recording, facetime, live streaming, reading, typing.

* NOT for a vehicle , not for tablet nor devices larger than 6.5inch.
* Bending the arm-like shape:“S, N, Z, U, W” for better stability.
* For better stability, it is designed stronger, needs your both hands to bend.
* Please hold your device to typing or touching, then keep it still after touching to avoid shakes.

- Phone size : 4 to 6.5 inches
- Camp surface max thickness 2.75 inches
- Max thickness for devices 0.5in/13mm ( remove phone case if necessary )
- Material: ABS , PU leather Jacket, 10mm thicken Aluminum alloy core
- Overall Length: 37.4in/95cm
- Net Weight: 320g

Durable and Stable:
The thickened gripper is strong enough to carry the devices during daily usage; Enhanced long arm is flexible to adjust, while still being a little stiff to keep stable!
Ergonomic Design:
360° rotating , flexible 95cm long arm, adjustable for your desired viewing angle and height, which will save you from back or neck pain and make your life easier!
Strong Functional:
Enjoy Netflix while lying on a comfortable bed and sofa; have video calls and online conferences freely; holds your phone steadily so you can still use it while cooking, reading recipes, video-making, record-teaching, having online class, and more!
Easy installation:
No drilling needed, just rotate the bracket to install it on a surface thickness within 2.75inch. Contains anti-rubber pads which will protect your furniture well.
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