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Webstore TM Reviews
This is review of Webstore (TM), a Software as a Service from KishMan Solutions.
Webstore is a Software as a Service for anyone from North America to build and brand their online store and sell. When you signup, you get one free domain name, email accounts, and merchant account. Merchant account is to manage things such as content of webstore, customer orders, theme for your web store, and items & their pricing etc.
Good thing about Webstore. it is made with simple user interface so you with knowledge of mouse and keyboard can operate your online store and change theme and font with just-a-click of button. Awesome.
Company provides you full package that includes domain names, web hosting, full support etc. and I think it is worth using Webstore for your online store business. It has plans suitable for starters, advance users or seasoned business person, and for enterprise level organization.
For more information visit https://store.kishman.org and contact for demo of Webstore (TM).