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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Webstore™?
Webstore™ is a software as a service (SaaS) for ecommerce. It is a comprehensive and powerful ecommerce platform for building and running your online branded store. It gives you the power to sell your products and services with an ease! and unique shopping experience.

Who can use it?
If you are a novice, seasoned entrepreneur or established entreprises who are looking to start and run an online store, then Webstore™ is for you.

What kinds of products best sold on a store build with Webstore™?
There are many kinds of store that can be opened with Webstore™. A few examples are mentioned below.
  • Fast moving consumer goods: Food & Grocery, Cosmetics, Cleaning Chemicals, Office Supplies, etc.
  • Clothing & Fashion: Children's clothes, Women's clothes, Men's clothes, Jewelry, Draperies & Bedsheets, etc.
  • Gift items & Souvenirs: Gift items, Paintings, Souvenirs, Arts, Crafts, Sewing, Home decors, Decorative items, Wall hangings, etc.
  • Restaurant & ready foods: Kitchens & Takeout, Restaurant, Gourmet, Bakeries, etc.
  • Electronics & Computers: Computers, Laptop, Accessories, Kid's toys, etc.
  • Construction & Garden Supplies: Lumber Mart, Hardwood Floor, Lighting Fixtures, Garden soil and supply, etc.
Why I need Webstore™ for my online store?
For any kind of ecommerce store you need a digital framework that has tools and features for you to sell online. Webstore™ has various built-in tools that enables you to build your online store and empowers you to promote and sell products & services online. It is very simple to use and easy to operate. Things start becoming complex when you start using the new feature and expect high level of data securities. Looking at these, we made things simple for its users so, they do not spend lot of time and struggle in learning software rather focus on developing their business. We provide guidance and good support during your journey to be a successful entrepreneur.

Why should you use Webstore™?
You need a cloud-based Webstore™ to build and run your online branded store.  Things start becoming complex when you start using the new feature and expect high level of data securities. Looking at these, we made things simple for its users so, they do not spend lot of time and struggle in learning software rather focus on developing their business. We provide guidance and good support during your journey to be a successful entrepreneur.
Webstore™ is Recognized by McMaster University (one of the top rated universities in Canada). Under the professor’s guidance in working towards the final year project, five MBA level students studied and evaluated the impact of Webstore™ product and its services on to Entrepreneurs. Also in year 2021, KishMan Solutions collaborated with Government of Canada and participated in a program to create new opportunities for Canadians.

Why should I use Webstore™ when there are many established online marketplaces like amazon, eBay or Alibaba?
In choosing to sell via a marketplace, small business owners often forfeit their right to be identified as a brand. One should not forget that brand is most essential part when customer make buying decision. Customer always remember store brands and they refer your store brand to others. Unfortunately, you cannot develop brand when you sell at already established marketplaces. It means, after several months of your marketing efforts you will be back to ground zero level because all the time you were promoting marketplace brand and not yours.  With Webstore™ you can easily start developing your brand, so customers remember your brand and with that, you will be creating environment to become loyal.  This sounds costly and not doable with conventional ways of doing business, but with the advent of modern technology, webstore™ has now made your dream affordable and possible.

Below are some of the shortcomings of starting a business at established marketplaces.
  • Build your own marketplace: At already established marketplaces, you have to agree with their terms and fees. Established marketplaces care about their brands and their business, and your product may get push down if your competitor pays more to get their products listed on top of the list. This is very common in any marketplace, and you do not want to run your business on the terms set by third party. With Webstore™ you can run store on your terms, decide when and which products should be on top of the list. Also, A proper online presence of your company also enables meaningful contact with customers through live chat or email conversation.
  • Cut-throat competition: Marketplaces are full of competition. At established marketplaces, suddenly new competitors start sprouting with products similar to yours and you may lose business because someone else is selling similar product for slightly cheaper price. When small business owners are unable to differentiate on branding, customer experience, service levels, or anything else, the only thing they can compete on is price. You will have no control over this and this drives down the revenues and margins of the business owners. Sometimes it’s the only way to differentiate! 
    Marketplaces can provide a good opportunity for business owners to make fast sales. They provide a tried and trusted way for new retailers to get online. However, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. There will always be new entrants to the marketplace, perhaps who undercut on price, which the established retailers will have to compete with.
  • Getting banned:  Any merchants selling on established marketplaces have to face one scary scenario: You can get banned from selling on marketplaces. When you sell upon others’ rules, your exposure can be seriously be impacted by their changing algorithm or whatever the rules allow. If things are going well for you, that’s great - but imagine when things go wrong, getting things back to normal is very difficult almost impossible and you may lose money, loyal customers and may have to start again from ground zero level.
  • Marketplace fees on rise: Due to their rising popularity and ever becoming complexity of their business rules and policies, marketplace service providers often tend to increase their fees and it is a compulsion on vendors. So you are left with no choice than paying their ever increasing fees. 
  • Implementing new features in Webstore™ based on majority customer recommendations: Big ecommerce platform like shopify can be bit slow and lethargic in recognizing the value of a recommendation. but we carefully read every recommendations put forward by the loyal clients and weigh the value of the feature recommended by the loyal clients and we try to implement the same, such things are usually not common at marketplaces or with big named companies.

What are the benefits of Webstore™?
With Webstore™ you can use a computer or a mobile device and internet connection to sell products online. There is absolutely no need to download any app or software on any device.
Benefits & features:
    • Quick customer service and excellent guidance
    • One domain free
    • Branded email account (3 accounts for Advance version & 10 accounts for Enterprise version)
    • No need to download any app or software for managing orders
    • No need to download any app or software for your customers to place orders.
    • Built-in content management for managing store contents, logo etc. without the help of a developer. Ability to add new page with your own content..
    • Storefront has open product showcase design.
    • Change the theme for your storefront depending up on a season with a click of a button.
    • Multi-currency option (Advance & enterprise plans)
    • Autocomplete search by product name and category.
    • Ability to view product details with image photo gallery for a product.
    • Shopping cart with quick access from all pages.
    • Merchant account for managing products, purchasing orders, shipping options, taxes etc.
    • Checkout with delivery options.
    • Loyalty & Discount offer codes for your customers.
    • Built-in chat communicator (Advance & Enterprise version holders only)
    • Built-in tool - Subscribe for email updates & newsletters.
    • Built-in CASL compliant email broadcast tool for sending marketing and survey emails to subscribers.
    • Guest workflow, no sign-up mandatory for customers to place order.
How Webstore™ works?
There are three plans of Webstore™, namely,
    • Standard : For novice entrepreneurs
    • Advance : For seasoned entrepreneurs
    • Enterprise: For large organizations.
For complete list of features and tools available in each of the above plans is listed here. Please note, we set up an initial framework for your online store and hand over control to you, so you can build and operate it. You take full control of the content, add, modify or delete items you want to sell, set prices, seasonal and special discounts etc. We are there to support you for any issues and can provide you guidance along the way. We are famous for launching a business online in record time. Please refer to our Testimonials to see how WebStoreTM is benefiting to our customers. 

Is a store build with Webstore™ possess adequate data security?
Yes. We understand securing your data is very important especially when hackers invent new attempts to steal valuable business data. There are data security protocols such as Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security protocols will be implemented in the data communication between customer clients and server. Secondly, data is encrypted on the back-ends where your valuable business data will be stored. This conceals data in case of intruders making a back-door entry into the system. In addition to this our team monitors the network and stay alert and respond to any breach incident immediately. 

Where can I get this product?

Email us or call us for more details or to book an order. If desired, we would love to take the opportunity to give you a full, free demo of the product. Just fill-up the form here and we will get back to you with a schedule.
Email: business@kishman.org
Tel:     (289) 584-9900